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Nothing to do with sex

It is just naked politics

The whole world (well, OK, North America) is talking about bathroom choice. It is the issue of the day. Nothing surprising in that. It is polarizing and very intense. It is a distraction. Again, nothing new.

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Dumbed down science

2016-05-28 dumbing down

My conversations on sex and gender are getting more and more bizarre. People are sending me notes about basic biology and links to news items on the politics. How is one supposed to respond to that? Explain yet again that the biology is NOT the question or that might does not make right? Read more of this post

“Scientific” gender diversity

2016-05-04 half-man-half-woman-2-300x2882-288x276

I had a conversation with a couple of scientists a few months ago that I still cannot get over.
They are both biologists by training. She left the field of scientific research decades ago, but he is a world renown geneticist, head of a research lab. They are both, also, left-liberals.

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