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The care bear stare

2016-02-27 care bear-01

Someone sent a link to me to this video: Human rights travesty, then a day later, with an approving comment, she forwarded to me the following reply she got from a friend:

“He’s clever, and though it’s exaggerated, he’s saying what we all know is approximately true — but he’s leaving a lot out too, like alternatives.  Read more of this post

Conspiracy theory

2016-02-21 conspiracy-theories

A friend asked me the other day whether I believe that Antonin Scalia was murdered.
I said we’ll never know but I don’t think so. What I should have said is that “I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out that he was.”

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Declaring war on stupid

2015-08-29 Mark Twain

Reading with my coffee in the morning, within twenty minutes, I was confronted with a week’s worth of stupidity. I couldn’t help noticing a system in their nature.
Before I share them with you, let me give you my definition of what ‘stupid’ is – or to be more precise, what ‘stupid’ means to me.


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Practicing safe heroism

A facebook friend posted this picture on her timeline with the following comment:
“don’t stop at the photo, make an effort, read it all.”

I did.

Still not asking for it

From the album: Timeline Photos
By Sebastian Bieniek Read more of this post

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