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Wealth Inequality in America

I came across this video about Wealth Inequality in America. At this point, it had 5,687,605 views, 55,594 likes and 2,787 dislikes.

There are several responses to it. The way I got to the original was from this debate that was sparked by it. The 2 minutes intro to it was watched 54,754 times but the debate itself was only watched ~11,000 times. That is 0.2 % of the viewers of the propaganda video.
The debate was tellingly titled:  “What Wasn’t Said in “Wealth Inequality in America”
The point of this post should be to actually answer this question because the debate definitely did not.

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A cause to believe in?

If you are one of the people who keep sending me mail to sign petitions and join causes, please keep sending them. Chances that I will sign any are very low but I like to know what concerns the people I know. Why I am so reluctant to sign up to causes should be the subject of another discussion, now I want to write about a recent one I received.

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The square root of intelligence

The art of taxation consists in so plucking the goose as to
obtain the largest possible amount of feathers with
the smallest possible amount of hissing
Jean Baptiste Colbert

I did not plan it this way, but this post will be a continuation of the previous one in some respects.
I tortured myself yesterday for nearly two hours listening to this debate.

The motion was as follows: “The Rich is taxed enough

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On the crossroads of pathologies

I saw a documentary the other day “My brother, the islamist” raising questions without offering answers.
It is not a remarkable documentary, but it is worth watching. It starts as a puzzle and ends as one. We can see what is happening, but we are not given much help to understand why.

I saw several short Youtube videos about Sweden, also recalling a Pat Condell commentary on it. I will not pick any video; just search Youtube for Islam in Sweden to get an idea what Muslims are doing to it.
Then I watched parts of Barack Hussein Obama’s and Mohamed Morsi’s UN speeches.

All of this (especially the documentary) left me with a number of questions:

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Dazed and confused

Maybe I should not do too much research. I have enough to talk about as it is.

Yet again, I started with a clear idea. In the end, not only was I not able to get to it but ended up dazed and confused by the idea storm. I just gave up for the day. Let me guide you through the experience. Read more of this post

Need, greed and the meaning of money

Whereas I will try to explore some attitudes toward money. How some perceive need and greed and why these attitudes are harmful Read more of this post

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