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Taxes are symptoms

Taxes are not the problem
Taxes are the symptom of problems


Taxation is just the icing on the rotting cake of statism baked by politicians to be served to the morons and zombies who elected them.

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The warm and fuzzy feeling of protection


I have that warm and fuzzy feeling again. The nanny state is looking out for me. Yet again, I got some extra protection I did not ask for.
I received an e-mail with the following message:

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Public parts

I woke up to a conversation on BBC about “long term planning”

In light of the ongoing debate over the request of Porter Airlines to expand Billy Bishop Airport, Matt Galloway was quoting Ken Greenberg, an Urban planner with a quite obviously displayed, passionate disdain for anything ‘pfrrrrivate’.

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Maximum confusion

The Australian ‘myth’

In my previous post I put up a few thinking points for your consideration. Here, I want to show you some fascinating pieces I found researching the subject. I came across several mentions of the Australian experience.
Interestingly, if you google “Australian minimum wage myth” you will get both sides of the argument.
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