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Optimism is the opium of the people

2016-06-24 optimism

A friend sent me the following snarky question:

What is your “self” judged ratio of writing about negative versus positive things? I mean on the latter, when you were truly celebrating something amazingly wonderful and happy happening in our life.
I am sure that you have lot of blogs of this kind and I just did not see them. Send me some links. I would like to see your bright side too.

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Pride is nothing to be proud of

A few days ago in a weak moment I acquiesced to a request. I clicked to share this picture.

the source of the controversy

Nothing I ever wrote got as much attention as this half-heartedly shared stupidity that I did not even bother to comment on as I usually do when I like something.
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An open letter to Stefan Molyneux

Dear Stefan,

I started listening to your podcasts when you were at about two hundred something.
I downloaded about a hundred, listened to about 40-50.

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My blog is a year old today. Time for some self-evaluation.

It is said that over 90% of blogs are abandoned within a year. 80% will not make it over a month. The fact that I am still here is already good news and I am definitely not planning to go away.

I would like to thank all of my readers for being with me, for liking, commenting and following, for agreeing or disagreeing with what I have to say. I appreciate your comments more than you know.

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Right Winger Rant

I hate it with passion when someone calls me a right-winger.
What the hell does that mean??
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One more on health care

I have a new health care problem. My toe-nail is about to fall off.
I must have kicked something a while back, half of my nail turned black but nothing else happened.
As I was breaking in my new ski-boots my nail/toe got a really bad infection.
By the time I got to my family doctor, after three days of treating it with first anti-bacterial then with prescription antibiotic cream, it was on the mend.

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My story. Finally.

I had no compelling reason to tell this story before, but I got to a point now, when there are several things I cannot appropriately address in this blog without referring to it. Most of what I think about criminal justice and law enforcement is influenced by my own jail experience.

On March 15th 1972 when I was 19 years old, I was arrested, charged and convicted of the crime of “continuously and publicly perpetrated sedition against the established order of the Hungarian People’s Republic.” I was sentenced to one year in a maximum security prison; I was paroled after serving nine months. Read more of this post

Tolerance part #1

I am not a native English speaker which makes me sometimes humbled, sometimes puzzled.
I wonder how a culture can allow so much abuse to its language, the most important pillar of its existence

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Embarrassed by my roots

Watching the weekly half an hour Hungarian TV show on CFMT  (OMNI 1-Channel  4) (2012 May 19th episode)
Five segments with some advertising and some horrendous operetta music at the end. Read more of this post

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