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…just be good

2016-07-10 be good-2
(The pun implied by the direction of the arrows is not intended)

I got into some extended discussions about my last post. It seems that I did not make myself clear.

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The future of the past

2016-06-12 The future of the past

I was walking around in the picturesque town of Lysa nad Labem, my companion reminiscing about the way it was when she went to elementary school there under the communists. The stores that are still the same, the things that are new and the bus-stop that moved. In a small side street, we passed a building with an open window. There were school children inside rehearsing some cheerful musical. Read more of this post

r/K selection theory – the work ahead


My previous post on the subject was extolling the virtues of the theory and the book explaining it; in this one I will talk about the gaps in it. While the value of the theory and the reliability of the evidence supporting it is beyond doubt, there are many questions in need of further answers and explanations. It is a new theory, especially as applied to political ideologies and attitudes. The ‘gaps’ in it are just unanswered or not fully explored questions.

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Free to sleaze

2015-12-01 Chomsky

Let me give you the little Exchange that led to this post:

My Friend: Do you Agree?

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The Slovaks want to contribute

2015-11-19 Slovak gypsies-01

The following article is a loose translation of the ‘proposal’ published here:

Quotas for the redistribution of Slovak Gypsies in the EU!

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Public discourse and the alpha male

2015-08-13-Roosh V

I have to be grateful to the CBC. I learned a new name in the newsRoosh V who also blogs @ Return Of Kings – news, commentary, and lifestyle advice for masculine men.
He has two stops on his ‘world tour’ in Canada. He had one in Montreal with the one in Toronto coming up on the 15th of August.

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The only good Muslim is a BAD Muslim

2015-06-17-good muslims

This post was prompted by comments made to one of my previous ones:

“Dude if you make a title that includes the words “the Muslims” as a group, you immediately set off the asshole detector.
Are you a libertarian?
Try thinking about people as individuals.”

I am not going to argue his assessment here, but I will try to answer the question that is lurking behind it: what does it mean to be a Muslim in the Western world? Read more of this post

You don’t have to hate the Muslims

Someone commenting on my post about the Jews  said:
“But maybe we don’t have enough personal contact with any Muslims”

Clearly, I did not make myself clear in that post, so let me continue:

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Gender(less) politics

I am very often puzzled by conservative media.

Anthony Furey was hosting Ezra’s The Source the other day talking to someone in Vancouver about the Vancouver School board’s new policy about sexual orientation.

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Practicing safe heroism

A facebook friend posted this picture on her timeline with the following comment:
“don’t stop at the photo, make an effort, read it all.”

I did.

Still not asking for it

From the album: Timeline Photos
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