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r/K selection theory – the work ahead


My previous post on the subject was extolling the virtues of the theory and the book explaining it; in this one I will talk about the gaps in it. While the value of the theory and the reliability of the evidence supporting it is beyond doubt, there are many questions in need of further answers and explanations. It is a new theory, especially as applied to political ideologies and attitudes. The ‘gaps’ in it are just unanswered or not fully explored questions.

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r/K selection strategy

A book review


I bought this book based on the rave review of Bill Whittle and the exhaustive presentations of Stefan Molyneux. Having listened to four hours of talk about it, by the time I received the book I had a pretty solid understanding of the idea, the theory and the scientific evidence behind it. Read more of this post

HDS – Hypothetical Debate Syndrome

2016-01-18 HLDS-01

As I was gearing up to comment on a libertarian debate about the police, I realized that the post that started it is a perfect example of what we could call a “Hypothetical Debate Syndrome” a particularly vicious  libertarian affliction.

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Your liberty

2015-04-28 Libertarians

While I may be quite clear on my own stand about liberty, I can get a little confused when I see others making claims about theirs.

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My liberty


What kind of libertarian am I?

The last time I stopped with the effort of putting a label on my stance was when I discovered how many labels there are and that the one I picked (social libertarian) is the one Noam Chomsky uses to describe his. I stopped in horror and decided that the issue needs more deliberation. Read more of this post

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