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One more on taxation

2016-05-03 tax forms

The tax season is over. If you do your taxes yourself, you know how incredibly stupid, complicated and convoluted the system is. Read more of this post

Taxation is NOT theft!

2016-03-20 taxation.jpg

What will it take to get it through the thick skulls of libertarians that taxation is NOT theft? Read more of this post

Über – Under

File illustration picture showing the logo of car-sharing service app Uber on a smartphone next to the picture of an official German taxi sign

The Uber problem is a classical Libertarian one, but not only in the sense you may think it is. Read more of this post

How to be a little bit pregnant


Did you read my post “A pinch of communism”? It is one of my favorites because I cannot even imagine a better illustration of Hayek’s pretence of knowledge than the one described there from my personal experience. Reading this week’s Economist I got another dose.

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A pinch of communism

Calculating the cost of soup in the socialist commonwealth

I started working when I was 15, as an apprentice of the culinary arts. Four days of work, 2 days of school.
I was working in this pride of communist achievements, the then brand new Hotel Budapest.
(No, not the Grand)

2014-08-17 a pinch of communism-a

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Colossal Neo-com……..

…….. Well, what is it exactly? Sleaze or stupidity?
Whenever I see dangerous stupidity with an obvious political agenda from supposedly intelligent people, I become suspicious. What is more likely? That they are actually as stupid as their arguments make them appear to be or are they just cynical political opportunists?


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Credit rating

My friend from New York works for a credit rating agency. I would like to see her expert opinion about the financial prospect of an imaginary company.

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The greatest achievement of Karl Marx

There is an exchange in the September 2013 issue of the Freeman wherein Gary Chartier argues that
We Should Abandon the Term “Capitalism” while Tibor Machan says that We Should Stand By the Term “Capitalism.”   The question has been debated before, I was planning for a long time myself  to write this post to make the argument against using the term because I consider it a most fundamental hindrance in the battle against the enemies of freedom.

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Sustainable self indulgence

As I was sitting in the sky on my way to Thailand, I had to watch several times the same commercial for Air Canada. It was boasting about their achievement in improving ‘sustainability’. They shed some weight from their airplanes to improve fuel efficiency by 30%. They did it for the planet.

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Health care confusion

It seems that my comments on the Rasouli case hit some nerves. Off-blog, unfortunately, one nasty commenter was missing not only the ability to understand my point but also the balls to do it in public. Maybe it was my fault, so let me try again so that even leftists can comprehend it.

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