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The cost of free is freedom

The deficit of imagination


We are facing another election where (I suspect) the majority of voters already feel uncomfortable with the choice they are going to make if they even bother to make it. Everybody across the political spectrum can sense this discomfort and many try to address it. Read more of this post

Public discourse and the alpha male

2015-08-13-Roosh V

I have to be grateful to the CBC. I learned a new name in the newsRoosh V who also blogs @ Return Of Kings – news, commentary, and lifestyle advice for masculine men.
He has two stops on his ‘world tour’ in Canada. He had one in Montreal with the one in Toronto coming up on the 15th of August.

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How to be a little bit pregnant


Did you read my post “A pinch of communism”? It is one of my favorites because I cannot even imagine a better illustration of Hayek’s pretence of knowledge than the one described there from my personal experience. Reading this week’s Economist I got another dose.

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State – Society – Individual


I came across this Facebook post a few days ago. Since that post, the conversations about the same and similar subjects became even more pronounced.

Marco’s post asked two basic questions:

  • What should be the proper relationship between our political and personal/moral/social views?
  • What should be the party’s position about people (especially candidates) expressing those views and using the party as a public platform to advocate them?

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The only good Muslim is a BAD Muslim

2015-06-17-good muslims

This post was prompted by comments made to one of my previous ones:

“Dude if you make a title that includes the words “the Muslims” as a group, you immediately set off the asshole detector.
Are you a libertarian?
Try thinking about people as individuals.”

I am not going to argue his assessment here, but I will try to answer the question that is lurking behind it: what does it mean to be a Muslim in the Western world? Read more of this post

Theory and practice

“In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice, in practice, there is.”  (Yogi Berra)

2015-06-13-habitat 67

Obama making bid to diversify wealthy neighborhoods

The habitat picture is from this article, it is not “the plan” but a good indication of the attitude. To see how, just read this article, published in the New York Times in 1986 when the government owned project was sold to its tenants. Then check out some listings of units available for sale today.  The cheapest listing is half a million dollar. Once you bought it, monthly expenses for the unit are $1,685. The history of Habitat 67 deserves a study on its own mostly to show how and why the failures of government projects are inevitable; but since in politics failure is success, Obama now wants to do something similar on a colossal scale. Read more of this post

Muslims are not the problem. We are.


For the first time ever, I listened to a podcast of Andrew Lawton on
The first two segments dealt with two related stories, both being Muslim encroachments on our rights.

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Seeking truth on the 407

2015-05-19-407 ETR

I received an interesting propaganda piece in my mail about the “History of HWY. 407.”  Looking into the matter reminded me of my motto: Truth is in the mind of the beholder. Reality, in this case the facts, are just an excuse for everybody to advance their own political agenda.
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The politics of Global warming

2015-05-07-Mencken quote

When the likes of Jonathan Adler ask the question: What would it take to convince us, there is a lot implied in it.
To start with, the question takes it for granted that the theory is correct and AGW exists, meaning that we are responsible for it. The question was: what will it take to make conservatives take it seriously, most likely so that they can start participating in the quest to find a solution. Maybe I am paranoid, but I also felt a hint of “what will it take to get to your senses” in the question as well.

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What will it take to convince me?

 2015-05-05-What will it take

This Mark Steyn article (Return to Towel Mountain) took me to this question of Jonathan H. Adler:
What does it take to convince libertarians and conservatives that climate change is a problem?”

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