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The failure of analysis

20151-1-21_Economist cover

Just as I was about to post my previous article, I got my latest issue of The Economist with five articles on the subject indicated on the cover. For a second I thought I may have to rewrite my post to refer to some ideas. I didn’t find any worthy of comment. All tactics dealing with symptoms. How to do better policing, how to fight the war in Syria, how to rearrange spheres of influence in the Middle-East.

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The failure of imagination

2015-11-17 paris-pianist-john-lennon-imagine-01

I had a conversation with a 17 year old friend. I asked him what he thinks of the events in Paris. Well, he knew about it. …..and???? It is sad and upsetting, but with so many atrocities around the world, why are we paying so much attention to this one?

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The Slovaks want to contribute

2015-11-19 Slovak gypsies-01

The following article is a loose translation of the ‘proposal’ published here:

Quotas for the redistribution of Slovak Gypsies in the EU!

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Islam IS the religion of peace


War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength.
(George Orwell, 1984)

I grew up as an abused child. My step-father was an alcoholic sadist. I learned very early in my life the meaning of ‘peace’: continuous appeasement and unquestioning submission to the capricious will of those with power over us just so that they let us be.
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I should be Slovak

2015-10-20 janosik026

I learned something very important last weekend: I should be a Slovak. If I cannot, I should definitely aspire to be. I learned it from an authoritative source, a Slovak.

Slovaks, you see, are the prettiest, strongest and smartest people in the world. They don’t take crap from nobody. Wherever they go, they succeed. This Slovak loves Canada because – as he said – ‘Canadians are stupid’. It’s easy to get rich here. It’s a lot more difficult when you are surrounded by equally smart, strong and pretty people. Read more of this post

Immigration: Libertarian kumbaya

2015-10-07 Kumbaya

What I really think

I find it sad that I have to point out time to time that I do not ‘hate’ people. If there is anything I actually hate, it is ideologies, but even that is not precise. I don’t hate, but I may have very passionate moral, intellectual and practical opposition to intolerant, harmful and totalitarian ideologies. Islam, Communism and fascism make it onto the top of the list. I cannot tolerate intolerance. I have problems with some of the secular religions such as environmentalism, socialism and multiculturalism as well, as I am repulsed by any manifestation of statism. Read more of this post

Immigration – the political case

2015-10-06-come to Europe

Political reality

From this Telegraph article you can learn, if you did not already know, that the political left is using immigration for partisan political advantage. While we do not have such a smoking gun in the US or Canada, it is not a secret either that immigration can, is and will be used to expand the state and push it toward the left.
Governments in the developed world are digging themselves into a hole and short term political interest seems to make it impossible to reverse course. Read more of this post

Immigration – the economics


Karl Marx called the second branch of his system “political economy’ for a reason. In the totalitarian system he envisioned, there is no difference between political and economic decisions as there is no economy outside the politically managed system. The more statist a political system gets, the more political its economy will become. Talking about the economic aspects of immigration in this post I will inevitably touch on many political problems.
My next post will be more about the political circus around immigration than the structural problems I will address in this one. Read more of this post

Immigration: the questions of morality

2015-10-03 boat people

When it comes to refugees and immigrants, the moral question seems to be the most important to most people. Don’t we have a moral obligation to help? It seems like a simple question, but giving the first ‘YES’ answer will only raise more questions. Read more of this post

Immigration – the cultural considerations

2015-09-15-Czech border welcome

The sign says: Welcome to Czech lands.
“Every Muslim refugee has to do two things before entering our land:
He has to draw a caricature of the Prophet and consume a plate of pork roast with dumplings and sauerkraut.
This is the custom of our land.” Read more of this post


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