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Dumbed down science

2016-05-28 dumbing down

My conversations on sex and gender are getting more and more bizarre. People are sending me notes about basic biology and links to news items on the politics. How is one supposed to respond to that? Explain yet again that the biology is NOT the question or that might does not make right? Read more of this post

The sexy politics of gender-science

2016-05-13-sexy science-3

I am not happy to write this post. It is in a way sad that I have to. I believe I made all the arguments and all the explanations in my previous posts (Let’s be careful what we wish for, Why it matters and ‘Scientific’ gender diversity), but it seems that, yet again, I ran into the problems of the ideological divide. Read more of this post

“Scientific” gender diversity

2016-05-04 half-man-half-woman-2-300x2882-288x276

I had a conversation with a couple of scientists a few months ago that I still cannot get over.
They are both biologists by training. She left the field of scientific research decades ago, but he is a world renown geneticist, head of a research lab. They are both, also, left-liberals.

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The pedophilia of politics

2016-05-07 pedophile-02

I was sitting in the living room of a friend, a Hungarian immigrant artist, surrounded by her impeccably leftist artist friends.
She had a serious question for them. She had to introduce it. She found it necessary to emphasize her honesty and genuine desire to get an honest answer to a question that truly troubled her.

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One more on taxation

2016-05-03 tax forms

The tax season is over. If you do your taxes yourself, you know how incredibly stupid, complicated and convoluted the system is. Read more of this post

Were you good? BAD boy!

2016-05-01 hydro rates-1

I woke up to the news that our hydro rates are going up. There is nothing new about that. Ontarians already pay the highest rates in North America, but that is no reason why they couldn’t or shouldn’t go even higher. What was news, is the reason behind the rate increase.
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Taxes are worse than theft

2016-03-28 Taxation is the problem

I just wrote two posts that seem to contradict the title of this one.
In the first one, I made the point that the state can harm our financial well being in many ways and taxation is not the worst. Focusing on it is short-sighted.
In the second, I exposed the intellectual laziness of the attacks on taxation, pointing out that the real target should be the enablers of those taxes.

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Taxes are symptoms

Taxes are not the problem
Taxes are the symptom of problems


Taxation is just the icing on the rotting cake of statism baked by politicians to be served to the morons and zombies who elected them.

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Taxation is NOT theft!

2016-03-20 taxation.jpg

What will it take to get it through the thick skulls of libertarians that taxation is NOT theft? Read more of this post

The faces of power

2016-03-15 facets of power

Another police shooting in Toronto.
I learned about it from CP24.
Tag line below the announcer’s picture:
The announcer: The victim was armed with what appeared to be a gun.

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