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Pondering the issues of Liberty in my personal life

Less democracy


Now, that I told you that more democracy would make the world worse off and no democracy is not a good idea, you must wonder: what is the answer?
I will try to make the point that the answer is less democracy which, on the other hand, we cannot have without a wide reaching democratic consensus.  Read more of this post

No Democracy!


Now that we made the point that more democracy is not desirable, let’s look at the opposite suggestion: no democracy at all. Read more of this post

More democracy?


In this first post I will try to argue that electoral reform will not improve democracy and it will definitely not help the libertarian cause.  You can find the outline of the possible discussion in this post

The more democracy position

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Pondering our future

I was in the middle of writing about my position on Dave Meslin’s electoral reform proposal when this was posted on my Facebook:

 Mandatory voting

Since the liberals are pondering, my wife (who was born and raised in another communist country) and I decided to follow suit.

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You don’t have to hate the Muslims

Someone commenting on my post about the Jews  said:
“But maybe we don’t have enough personal contact with any Muslims”

Clearly, I did not make myself clear in that post, so let me continue:

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Democracy – Anarchy – Liberty

My next few posts will address the questions of political participation, democracy and liberty.
These questions are very important to libertarians, they are a source of regularly resurfacing conflicts within the movement.


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You don’t have to like the Jews

It is said that five Jews defined our culture:

Moses said:                       the LAW is everything
Jesus said:                          LOVE is everything
Marx said:                          MONEY is everything
Freud said:                         SEX is everything
Then Einstein said:         everything is RELATIVE

A Jewish friend, who does not know much about my past, asked me the other day: are you a philosemite?
Seeing the expression on my face as I was preparing to answer she must have thought that I don’t know what the word means so she started to explain. I had to stop her, reassuring her that I do know. I did not want to give her another “it’s not that simple” answer, so I just said “well, you can say that.”

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A pinch of communism

Calculating the cost of soup in the socialist commonwealth

I started working when I was 15, as an apprentice of the culinary arts. Four days of work, 2 days of school.
I was working in this pride of communist achievements, the then brand new Hotel Budapest.
(No, not the Grand)

2014-08-17 a pinch of communism-a

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Colossal Neo-com……..

…….. Well, what is it exactly? Sleaze or stupidity?
Whenever I see dangerous stupidity with an obvious political agenda from supposedly intelligent people, I become suspicious. What is more likely? That they are actually as stupid as their arguments make them appear to be or are they just cynical political opportunists?


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What’s next? Your goat?

I have never been to a gay pride parade before. I am just not interested. It’s nothing against gays, I would not go to a hooker’s parade either.

Still, this past weekend I ended up by accident in the middle of one.



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