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2016-02-08-1 PJW - SM

This is an interesting conversation raising some interesting questions.

While I always appreciated Stefan’s work, I had some problems with what I considered ‘extreme’ in his positions, his doctrinaire advocacy of Anarcho-Capitalism, his rejection of using political means to advance the cause of freedom.
It seems that in this latest phase of his evolution, Stefan discovered the importance of culture in a way that some libertarians, including some of his followers, may consider a turn toward conservatism.  Read more of this post

r/K selection strategy

A book review


I bought this book based on the rave review of Bill Whittle and the exhaustive presentations of Stefan Molyneux. Having listened to four hours of talk about it, by the time I received the book I had a pretty solid understanding of the idea, the theory and the scientific evidence behind it. Read more of this post

Fake remedies to phony problems

2016-01-29-3 Barak-Justin

Lately, I only listen to radio when I am driving alone. A short drive yesterday (January 29th 2016) gave me two news items:  Read more of this post

Marx or Hayek?

2016-01-24 Guatemala

We went to visit our rich friends. Another typical libertarian ground-hog-day experience. You must know the kind. You are asked to offer a libertarian solution to a particular socialist concern. You give an answer, they listen to it nodding their heads then the next time you meet them, they ask the same question and offer the same arguments with the same objections as if the previous conversation had never taken place. Read more of this post

HDS – Hypothetical Debate Syndrome

2016-01-18 HLDS-01

As I was gearing up to comment on a libertarian debate about the police, I realized that the post that started it is a perfect example of what we could call a “Hypothetical Debate Syndrome” a particularly vicious  libertarian affliction.

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Good Cop -Bad Cop

2016-01-14 good-cop-bad-cop

I will use this opportunity to respond to this blog post which is commenting on a FB discussion of this meme:

  1. Every cop has agreed, as part of his job, to enforce laws; all of them.
  2. Many of the laws are manifestly unjust, or even cruel and wicked.
  3. Therefore, every cop has agreed to act as an enforcer of laws that are manifestly unjust, or even cruel and wicked.
    There are no good cops.

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I love of politics because……?


At the last Libertarian Party convention, we were approached by a few guys making a documentary about fringe parties. They want to find out what motivates people to fight for apparently hopeless causes. They interviewed a few of us during the convention and revisited some of us before, and after the federal election with some questions.

During the last follow-up sometimes in late November they did a ‘rapid fire questions’ session with me where I was supposed to complete sentences such as “I am a libertarian because…..”; “I love politics because……”  Read more of this post

Indecent exposure


As it is the case most of the time, the article subtitled: “The Republican candidates’ tax proposals are exorbitant” is more about The Economist, than the economy. It exposes, yet again, its alarmingly socialist bias. Read more of this post

My year in review

2016-01-05 review

I have mixed feelings about this year. My attention got hijacked by the believers. Immigration, terrorism, law-fare was the subject of half of the posts I wrote in 2015. I left them for the end of this list.

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2015-12-31 winston-churchill-quotes-10

I got some excellent questions from a friend about my previous post that I thought would be best to answer here:

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