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My liberty


What kind of libertarian am I?

The last time I stopped with the effort of putting a label on my stance was when I discovered how many labels there are and that the one I picked (social libertarian) is the one Noam Chomsky uses to describe his. I stopped in horror and decided that the issue needs more deliberation. Read more of this post

Gestures, symbols, rights

2015-03-14 Symbols-of-faith

Rex Murphy commented on the Niqab Debate; then Peter Jaworsky added his.

 Are you all wound up about the prospect of a few women wearing the Niqab during the citizenship ceremony? Don’t be. It’s as much of a non-issue as symbolic issues generally are. Read more of this post

The warm and fuzzy feeling of protection


I have that warm and fuzzy feeling again. The nanny state is looking out for me. Yet again, I got some extra protection I did not ask for.
I received an e-mail with the following message:

Read more of this post

Why it matters


I was talking to a teenage friend about my post on transgenderism. He is going to an arts school where there are several self-identified trans-gendered students. “I don’t understand what your problem is” – he says – “it’s not an issue any more.” He has no problem referring to his biologically female friend as a ‘he’ and he thinks that nobody should. Read more of this post

Let’s be careful what we wish for

  2015-03-11 owlcat

On the 8th of March 2015 there was a panel discussion on CBC about a bill moving through the house concerning transgender rights.
Much of the discussion on CBC was about OHIP coverage for sex change operations. Read more of this post


If you are a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know that I don’t mind getting personal.
I make anything I talk about very personal, but I don’t like to explain myself.
I tried to explain why I did not post anything for months but then I dropped it. I am back. For the next few months I hope to post with a much greater frequency than I did in the first two years of this blog. I am on a long vacation and I hope to do a lot more than just this blog. I have plans. Several series, several new subjects possibly even a complete new web-site.

The first thing I did was the creation of a content page for this blog to make it easier to find related posts, to make it easier for any of you to find posts on different subjects. Please check it out and let me know what you think. The categories may seem a little arbitrary but I hope to refine them in the future. I hope that at least the concept works.
It will definitely make my life easier by making my older posts easier to find.

Let me know if it helps you and keep reading.

Less democracy


Now, that I told you that more democracy would make the world worse off and no democracy is not a good idea, you must wonder: what is the answer?
I will try to make the point that the answer is less democracy which, on the other hand, we cannot have without a wide reaching democratic consensus.  Read more of this post

No Democracy!


Now that we made the point that more democracy is not desirable, let’s look at the opposite suggestion: no democracy at all. Read more of this post

More democracy?


In this first post I will try to argue that electoral reform will not improve democracy and it will definitely not help the libertarian cause.  You can find the outline of the possible discussion in this post

The more democracy position

Read more of this post

Pondering our future

I was in the middle of writing about my position on Dave Meslin’s electoral reform proposal when this was posted on my Facebook:

 Mandatory voting

Since the liberals are pondering, my wife (who was born and raised in another communist country) and I decided to follow suit.

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