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Let’s be careful what we wish for

  2015-03-11 owlcat

On the 8th of March 2015 there was a panel discussion on CBC about a bill moving through the house concerning transgender rights.
Much of the discussion on CBC was about OHIP coverage for sex change operations. Read more of this post

Practicing safe heroism

A facebook friend posted this picture on her timeline with the following comment:
“don’t stop at the photo, make an effort, read it all.”

I did.

Still not asking for it

From the album: Timeline Photos
By Sebastian Bieniek Read more of this post

Questioning the obvious

I got a note from someone with two suggestions to write about. Civil forfeiture and the militarization of the police. Read more of this post

How many wrongs make a right?

While I am sorting out my thoughts on religions, let me give you a quick one on one of my recent subjects: rights.

I came across this video on Watch it, it’s only four minutes. I highly recommend the site, this is the first video I am having issues with.  (…..and if you do not want to watch it, you can find the transcript at the end of this post.)

Read more of this post

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