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The Tao of Recessions

One of the many features of our great free market capitalist world that we started to build with the advent of the industrial revolution is the unbreakable faith in progress.
The belief that our lives will get better, our economies bigger, our knowledge greater, we will just keep having more and more of everything. Anything that challenges this view, even if only temporarily, is seen as something unnatural.

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Public parts

I woke up to a conversation on BBC about “long term planning”

In light of the ongoing debate over the request of Porter Airlines to expand Billy Bishop Airport, Matt Galloway was quoting Ken Greenberg, an Urban planner with a quite obviously displayed, passionate disdain for anything ‘pfrrrrivate’.

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Maximum defense

A few days after finishing my previous post, it just hit me that I left out the most important arguments. It is no accident that I did. I will explain at the end.
I will have this now as a separate post, but I will eventually work it into the previous one. Picture it inserted just before the last paragraph.

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A perfect storm

When minimum wage meets maximum stupidity

You may know the name of Elizabeth (Pocahontas) Warren. What you may not know is that she is also the original author of the “You didn’t build that” argument that Obama made famous. The argument is revolting, but I think Senator Warren surpassed that performance in this Senate hearing about the minimum wage. It’s only five minutes, watch it, but here is the essence in a few sentences:

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My story. Finally.


Birthdays don’t make me feel old, anniversaries do. It was forty-two years ago today that my life which was never really on track got even further derailed as I was arrested then later charged and convicted of sedition in communist Hungary. If you did not read my story yet, do it now.
Reflecting on anniversaries also involves their evaluation from a present perspective.
There are lessons in my story that are relevant to our existence in Canada today.

Originally posted on Freedom quest of Zork (the) Hun:

I had no compelling reason to tell this story before, but I got to a point now, when there are several things I cannot appropriately address in this blog without referring to it. Most of what I think about criminal justice and law enforcement is influenced by my own jail experience.

On March 15th 1972 when I was 19 years old, I was arrested, charged and convicted of the crime of “continuously and publicly perpetrated sedition against the established order of the Hungarian People’s Republic.” I was sentenced to one year in a maximum security prison; I was paroled after serving nine months.

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Pride is nothing to be proud of

A few days ago in a weak moment I acquiesced to a request. I clicked to share this picture.

the source of the controversy

Nothing I ever wrote got as much attention as this half-heartedly shared stupidity that I did not even bother to comment on as I usually do when I like something.
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Maximum confusion

The Australian ‘myth’

In my previous post I put up a few thinking points for your consideration. Here, I want to show you some fascinating pieces I found researching the subject. I came across several mentions of the Australian experience.
Interestingly, if you google “Australian minimum wage myth” you will get both sides of the argument.
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Minimum wage

I don’t think there is much that has not yet been said about the minimum wage. All I will try to do here is a summary of the points illustrated with my very personal experiences.

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More on the CPP and its saviours

I can’t walk away from this subject. Let me give it a few more thoughts.

I have to admit to my complacency about the subject. Before I received the flyer from Peggy Nash, I did not pay much attention to the CPP. Read more of this post

Talking Canada Pension Plan

I went, I saw, I wondered why. I expected far more people. There were only about 20. The three politicians: Peggy Nash, Cheri DiNovo and Murray Rankin; about 4-5 volunteers, a community newspaper guy and maybe another 10 who came expecting information.

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