Freedom quest of Zork (the) Hun

Pondering the issues of Liberty in my personal life

A pinch of communism

Calculating the cost of soup in the socialist commonwealth

I started working when I was 15, as an apprentice of the culinary arts. Four days of work, 2 days of school.
I was working in this pride of communist achievements, the then brand new Hotel Budapest.
(No, not the Grand)

2014-08-17 a pinch of communism-a

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Colossal Neo-com……..

…….. Well, what is it exactly? Sleaze or stupidity?
Whenever I see dangerous stupidity with an obvious political agenda from supposedly intelligent people, I become suspicious. What is more likely? That they are actually as stupid as their arguments make them appear to be or are they just cynical political opportunists?


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What’s next? Your goat?

I have never been to a gay pride parade before. I am just not interested. It’s nothing against gays, I would not go to a hooker’s parade either.

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The victory of defeatism

When Barack Obama was re-elected in 2012, I was depressed for several days. I got over Cathleen Wynne’s victory even before it was officially announced, even though if you think about it, it is quite depressing. At least four more years racing toward the cliff. More windmills, more spending, more debt, higher taxes, more businesses chased away by the constantly increasing cost of doing business here. I am thinking where I could possibly move.

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It’s the season…………

It is the season for political surveys. I get about 4-5 calls a week.

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Gender(less) politics

I am very often puzzled by conservative media.

Anthony Furey was hosting Ezra’s The Source the other day talking to someone in Vancouver about the Vancouver School board’s new policy about sexual orientation.

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Practicing safe heroism

A facebook friend posted this picture on her timeline with the following comment:
“don’t stop at the photo, make an effort, read it all.”

I did.

Still not asking for it

From the album: Timeline Photos
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Questioning the obvious

I got a note from someone with two suggestions to write about. Civil forfeiture and the militarization of the police. Read more of this post

The Tao of Recessions

One of the many features of our great free market capitalist world that we started to build with the advent of the industrial revolution is the unbreakable faith in progress.
The belief that our lives will get better, our economies bigger, our knowledge greater, we will just keep having more and more of everything. Anything that challenges this view, even if only temporarily, is seen as something unnatural.

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Public parts

I woke up to a conversation on BBC about “long term planning”

In light of the ongoing debate over the request of Porter Airlines to expand Billy Bishop Airport, Matt Galloway was quoting Ken Greenberg, an Urban planner with a quite obviously displayed, passionate disdain for anything ‘pfrrrrivate’.

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