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…just be good

2016-07-10 be good-2
(The pun implied by the direction of the arrows is not intended)

I got into some extended discussions about my last post. It seems that I did not make myself clear.

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I should be Slovak

2015-10-20 janosik026

I learned something very important last weekend: I should be a Slovak. If I cannot, I should definitely aspire to be. I learned it from an authoritative source, a Slovak.

Slovaks, you see, are the prettiest, strongest and smartest people in the world. They don’t take crap from nobody. Wherever they go, they succeed. This Slovak loves Canada because – as he said – ‘Canadians are stupid’. It’s easy to get rich here. It’s a lot more difficult when you are surrounded by equally smart, strong and pretty people. Read more of this post

Immigration – the cultural considerations

2015-09-15-Czech border welcome

The sign says: Welcome to Czech lands.
“Every Muslim refugee has to do two things before entering our land:
He has to draw a caricature of the Prophet and consume a plate of pork roast with dumplings and sauerkraut.
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Immigration – Race, Culture, Ideology & Identity


I’ve been called a racist twice in the past few months. What makes these accusations truly fascinating is that I never talk about race, especially not in the two posts that prompted the name-callings.

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Pride is nothing to be proud of

A few days ago in a weak moment I acquiesced to a request. I clicked to share this picture.

the source of the controversy

Nothing I ever wrote got as much attention as this half-heartedly shared stupidity that I did not even bother to comment on as I usually do when I like something.
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The enemy of the good

My former TL at Microsoft, a very personable guy from New Delhi, while we were already working for another company changed his tag line on his IM account to read: “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”

It described his attitude perfectly. Solving problems by working around or ignoring them, declaring them ‘out of scope’ when it was possible to get away with it. I did not like it. Neither the statement, nor the attitude behind it.
Mine would be: if it is worth doing, it is worth doing well.
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I tell you why

I was sitting in my bed sipping my morning coffee thinking of my neighbour. I was thinking of her in relation to this wonderful video, thinking how could that argument and the example in it be made even more obvious than it already is. My neighbour is usually full of feelings and righteous indignation. She would be the first to get indignant about the immorality of price gauging declaring that ‘somebody should do something about it.’

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On the crossroads of pathologies

I saw a documentary the other day “My brother, the islamist” raising questions without offering answers.
It is not a remarkable documentary, but it is worth watching. It starts as a puzzle and ends as one. We can see what is happening, but we are not given much help to understand why.

I saw several short Youtube videos about Sweden, also recalling a Pat Condell commentary on it. I will not pick any video; just search Youtube for Islam in Sweden to get an idea what Muslims are doing to it.
Then I watched parts of Barack Hussein Obama’s and Mohamed Morsi’s UN speeches.

All of this (especially the documentary) left me with a number of questions:

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Liberty for all?

Liberty for all?

I decided to take this post down. I wrote it just after my first trip to India. I’ve been back there since and I think that although there is a libertarian lesson to be learnt there, it is a little more complex than the way I described it after my first impression.

I have to thank my friend for setting me straight.

I will definitely revisit the subject


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