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The victory of defeatism

When Barack Obama was re-elected in 2012, I was depressed for several days. I got over Cathleen Wynne’s victory even before it was officially announced, even though if you think about it, it is quite depressing. At least four more years racing toward the cliff. More windmills, more spending, more debt, higher taxes, more businesses chased away by the constantly increasing cost of doing business here. I am thinking where I could possibly move.

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The Liberal Bubble

We went to visit our liberal friend in New York. The last I was there before, the WTC towers were still standing. The Giuliani reforms just started working.

Before we went, we all agreed not to talk politics but we all know how difficult that is. Everything is politics.We drove by a school proudly declaring itself a magnet school on a sign above its entrance. “I hate these things” she said. “Why?” I asked. She started to explain and in the middle of the explanation she asked a rhetorical question: “who wouldn’t agree that we need excellent public education?” My wife and I answered in almost perfect unison: “I wouldn’t”- said I, “I would, it is just not possible” – said my wife.
“Well, there you go” she said in apparent shock and that was the end of the conversation.

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19 Answers

About a year and a half ago Jon Stewart confronted Judge Napolitano with 19 ‘questions,’ (ten questions and nine provocative statements to be precise). I learned about the interview from Stefan Molyneux’s Youtube response to it and from a response to his response.
After watching Stefan, I did not feel necessary to respond, but after I suffered through the long winded and seriously confused response of Riley Haas (the second link above) it occurred to me that maybe the favour should be returned. We do not question the socialists. Maybe we should. I started to put together my own questions to socialists of all colors but I figured that if I want to ask my questions, I should answer theirs first. This is what you have here. My questions to socialists will follow in an upcoming post.

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Engagement, how & who

You have to bear with me on this one. It will be a long introduction to a very short point. I promise it will all come together in the end.

It all started with

….. me clicking on a Facebook link to this video response of Stefan Molyneux to this article of Michael Lind in Slate magazine titled “The question libertarians just can’t answer”
……and the question was:

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Healthcare Blitzkrieg

Yesterday I came across a YouTube video where John King is asking the progressive gotcha question from Ron Paul in the First GOP debate in 2012. That reminded me of another debate from before the primaries where Wolf Blitzer asked the same sleazy question from the same candidate.
Although it may seem not particularly timely to post something about a debate of the Republican primaries that happened over a year ago, I think both the question and the answer are timeless. Democrats, socialists, leftists constantly throw this question at people who are opposed to the notion of government run health care.

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The atheist zeal

I read Leo Taxil when I was fourteen years old. “The Amusing Bible” is the classic and definitive ‘attack’ on the bible (I read it in Hungarian; I cannot find a link to an English translation, it may not exist).
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Rights? What rights?

When I finished my second post about abortion, I promised two more on the subject.

Libertarians won’t like this, but I must declare that I do not believe in natural rights. There is absolutely nothing “natural” about rights. What we get from nature is an imperative, a drive to survive. Since we are both social and thinking animals, over a very, very long time of social and intellectual evolution we rose above the biological imperative and came to a general agreement on some basic rules to help the survival of our species.

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Right Winger Rant

I hate it with passion when someone calls me a right-winger.
What the hell does that mean??
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The poverty of liberty

Although Libertarianism as a political ideology have more serious challenges than this one, the following exchange of comments perfectly illustrates the one I consider the most wide-spread, something that I would call “the complacency of righteousness.”

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Why Marxism?

I watched an excellent lecture of Bradley Thompson on Marxism
The lecture provides a clear introduction into the stupid & twisted mind of Karl Marx.
Definitely worth watching.
Since the title is open, it ended up with a surprising number of left leaning viewers. I could not resist commenting on one which got a response from the most prolific commenter on the subject.
Following is the exchange, my response to it and in the end, my thoughts about the lecture itself.

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