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A most pointless hearing

2015-12-16 - hear no evil

Just a day after I posted my thoughts on the failure of politics, I came across a most perfect illustration of the point I was trying to make in it.

I suffered through the full two hours and forty-three minutes of a US Senate hearing on climate science chaired by Senator Ted Cruz.

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The failure of analysis

20151-1-21_Economist cover

Just as I was about to post my previous article, I got my latest issue of The Economist with five articles on the subject indicated on the cover. For a second I thought I may have to rewrite my post to refer to some ideas. I didn’t find any worthy of comment. All tactics dealing with symptoms. How to do better policing, how to fight the war in Syria, how to rearrange spheres of influence in the Middle-East.

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The failure of imagination

2015-11-17 paris-pianist-john-lennon-imagine-01

I had a conversation with a 17 year old friend. I asked him what he thinks of the events in Paris. Well, he knew about it. …..and???? It is sad and upsetting, but with so many atrocities around the world, why are we paying so much attention to this one?

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Ideology and Pragmatism #1 – the environment

This is part one of a series on the subject looking at the relationship between ideology and pragmatism through issues related to three ideological systems: Environmentalism, Libertarianism and Socialism.

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