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I love of politics because……?


At the last Libertarian Party convention, we were approached by a few guys making a documentary about fringe parties. They want to find out what motivates people to fight for apparently hopeless causes. They interviewed a few of us during the convention and revisited some of us before, and after the federal election with some questions.

During the last follow-up sometimes in late November they did a ‘rapid fire questions’ session with me where I was supposed to complete sentences such as “I am a libertarian because…..”; “I love politics because……”  Read more of this post


The deficit of imagination


We are facing another election where (I suspect) the majority of voters already feel uncomfortable with the choice they are going to make if they even bother to make it. Everybody across the political spectrum can sense this discomfort and many try to address it. Read more of this post

Our Liberty

2015-05-02-politics 2

The News

(The dynamics of Political change)

In the April 18th issue of the Economist, there is an article about Putin’s Russia and another about Hungary and its governing Party, FIDESZ.

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No Democracy!


Now that we made the point that more democracy is not desirable, let’s look at the opposite suggestion: no democracy at all. Read more of this post

More democracy?


In this first post I will try to argue that electoral reform will not improve democracy and it will definitely not help the libertarian cause.  You can find the outline of the possible discussion in this post

The more democracy position

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Pondering our future

I was in the middle of writing about my position on Dave Meslin’s electoral reform proposal when this was posted on my Facebook:

 Mandatory voting

Since the liberals are pondering, my wife (who was born and raised in another communist country) and I decided to follow suit.

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Democracy – Anarchy – Liberty

My next few posts will address the questions of political participation, democracy and liberty.
These questions are very important to libertarians, they are a source of regularly resurfacing conflicts within the movement.


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The victory of defeatism

When Barack Obama was re-elected in 2012, I was depressed for several days. I got over Cathleen Wynne’s victory even before it was officially announced, even though if you think about it, it is quite depressing. At least four more years racing toward the cliff. More windmills, more spending, more debt, higher taxes, more businesses chased away by the constantly increasing cost of doing business here. I am thinking where I could possibly move.

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