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You don’t have to hate the Muslims

Someone commenting on my post about the Jews  said:
“But maybe we don’t have enough personal contact with any Muslims”

Clearly, I did not make myself clear in that post, so let me continue:

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A pinch of communism

Calculating the cost of soup in the socialist commonwealth

I started working when I was 15, as an apprentice of the culinary arts. Four days of work, 2 days of school.
I was working in this pride of communist achievements, the then brand new Hotel Budapest.
(No, not the Grand)

2014-08-17 a pinch of communism-a

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Three book reviews

…..with one message

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Not even a fart in my face

The environmentalist left wingers gave us a perfect demonstration of the depth of their intellectual gravity and their communication skills when one of the Line 9 protesters awaiting a hearing in a Hamilton courthouse eloquently farted into the face of a Sun news reporter.
Not surprising. When confronted about the ill-informed stupidity, the hypocrisy or the harmful and immoral nature of their ideas, the leftists have only a few strategies: ignore, shout down or insult and offend; if the cause is juicy, riot and use violence. The only thing they never have is a cogent and coherent argument.

My questions were designed to expose the stupidity and hypocrisy of socialist ideas; I did not really expect any answers. I do not think that socialists can give answers to my questions. At the end of my post, I promised that I will eventually answer them myself. I got no reaction from the left wingers. Not a peep. Not even a fart in my face. Faith Goldie is way ahead of me. Maybe she is just more difficult to ignore…….

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The atheist zeal

I read Leo Taxil when I was fourteen years old. “The Amusing Bible” is the classic and definitive ‘attack’ on the bible (I read it in Hungarian; I cannot find a link to an English translation, it may not exist).
Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and Michael Shermer are old news for me. Read more of this post

The future is Islam

…..and it is not pretty.

I am not going to talk about the religion of Islam, but what the word means, and what the ideology represents: SUBMISSION. Islam is not alone with the desire to force us into submission.

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My story. Finally.

I had no compelling reason to tell this story before, but I got to a point now, when there are several things I cannot appropriately address in this blog without referring to it. Most of what I think about criminal justice and law enforcement is influenced by my own jail experience.

On March 15th 1972 when I was 19 years old, I was arrested, charged and convicted of the crime of “continuously and publicly perpetrated sedition against the established order of the Hungarian People’s Republic.” I was sentenced to one year in a maximum security prison; I was paroled after serving nine months. Read more of this post

Good citizens vs good communists

When I used the following sentence:

They can show that they are good communists by donating the revenue to environmental causes
in my last blog, my editor objected. She was right, I changed it to read “good citizens”
Her point was that although it is meaningful to us, people who did not live the communist experience cannot possibly relate to it. I knew that I was over-reaching already when I was putting it down. If you have not lived in a communist country, you cannot relate to it. It is a loaded expression that I will now try to explain to you. Read more of this post

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