Freedom quest of Zork (the) Hun

The cost of free is freedom

My story. Finally.

Birthdays don’t make me feel old, anniversaries do. It was forty-two years ago today that my life which was never really on track got even further derailed as I was arrested then later charged and convicted of sedition in communist Hungary. If you did not read my story yet, do it now.
Reflecting on anniversaries also involves their evaluation from a present perspective.
There are lessons in my story that are relevant to our existence in Canada today.

Freedom quest of Zork (the) Hun

I had no compelling reason to tell this story before, but I got to a point now, when there are several things I cannot appropriately address in this blog without referring to it. Most of what I think about criminal justice and law enforcement is influenced by my own jail experience.

On March 15th 1972 when I was 19 years old, I was arrested, charged and convicted of the crime of “continuously and publicly perpetrated sedition against the established order of the Hungarian People’s Republic.” I was sentenced to one year in a maximum security prison; I was paroled after serving nine months.

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